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[ Framing Ageing: A Clinical, Cultural, and Social Dialogue ] facilitates methodological exchange between geriatricians, gerontologists, humanities researchers, social scientists, and practitioners, who can benefit from transdisciplinary collaboration. A key aim is to create a transdisciplinary network that liberates the field from the constraints of failure models of ageing.

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Workshop I

Workshop 1, scheduled for 27-28 October, has been reconfigured into a series of webinars comprising of panels from the original event.

Workshop II

We hope this workshop will take place in Trinity College Dublin in 2021. Watch this space!

These interdisciplinary UCD/TCD-led workshops are designed to liberate the field from the constraints of pathological, sociological, and economic models of ageing by attempting an entanglement between the biopsychosocial model and the interpretive, the empirical and the aesthetic, the historical and the contemporary, and research and practice.

The workshops will explore the knowledge transfer potential of scientific and social science research methodologies (empirical, quantitative, lab-based etc.) for humanities researchers as well as investigating the knowledge transfer potential of humanities research methodologies (historical, narrative, archival) for gerontology, healthcare and the social sciences.

The aim is to create an interdisciplinary network of medical researchers, gerontologists, humanities researchers, and NGOs, while also promoting practice-based research by working with practitioners.

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Explore podcasts from [ Framing Ageing ]  as well as recordings from related projects on the theme of ageing from UCD Humanities Institute’s podcast series.

The Humanities Institute’s podcast series features more than 200 recorded lectures, papers, interviews and presentations. Since the launch of the series in late 2010 there have been over 120,000 downloads of the podcasts and the series continues to attract listeners from around the world. 


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