One-day workshop for early career scholars

[ Framing Ageing ] Symposium, a one-day workshop for early career scholars, will take place in Queen’s University Belfast, Wednesday 14th December 2022.

[ Framing Ageing ] is an international clinical, cultural and social dialogue which facilitates methodological exchange between geriatricians, gerontologists, humanities researchers, social scientists, and practitioners, who can benefit from transdisciplinary collaboration. Keynote speaker, Hannah Zeilig, University of the Arts, London will open the symposium.

The full programme for the conference is here and the book of abstracts is here.

Framing Ageing Symposium: One-day workshop for early career scholars

Queen’s University Belfast, Wednesday 14 December 2022

Keynote – Hannah Zeilig (University of Arts, London) – ‘The pleasure of finding things out’.

Session 1 (3 Parallel Sessions)

Session 1a: Art, Music and Material Culture

Chair: Sophie Cooper; Discussant: Leonie Hannan

Angel Leira Pernas (QUB) – ‘The Meaning of the Present in Old Age – An Alternative to the Discourse of Decline’

Olivia Luijnenburg (KCL) – ‘Gallery of Spiritualities Reflecting on Spirituality in the Residential Care for Older People

Sophie Lee (RIAM) –  ‘Ageing with Dementia – The Role of Music’

Isaac Gibson (SARC, QUB) – “Memory Boxes” of People Receiving Palliative Care’

Session 1b: Perspectives on Dementia

Chair: Gemma Carney; Discussant: Jiatong Ling

Calum Marr (QUB) – ”The RESIST Study: Do TNF Inhibitors Pro-tect Against Cognitive Decline in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment?’

Niamh Kelly (TUS) – ‘Physical Activity Preferences of People Living with Dementia and Their Care Partners’

Sophie Glover (QUB) – ‘Identification of the Causal Pathways Be-tween Urban Green Space and Cognitive Health: A Systematic Review’

Monica Leverton (KCL) – ‘Developing the Role of Dementia Champi-ons in The Homecare Sector – The ‘DemChamp’ Study’

Session 1c: Ageing in the Community

Chair: Elizabeth Martin; Discussant: Des O’Neill

Leeanne O’Hara (QUB) – ‘The Harmonised Cognitive Assessment Protocol (HCAP)’

Catrin Noone (Durham) – ‘Loneliness in the Community or Community Lone-liness? Lived Experiences of Community-Dwelling Older Adults’

Lauren Fothergill (Lancaster) – ‘Exploring How Proactive Telecare Can Sup-port Independent Living in Older Adults: A Qualitative Study’

Mbulayi Shingirai (Fort Hare) – ‘Gestating Sustainable Geri-atric Social Protection System in Zimbabwae: Issues, Challenges and Prospects’

Session 2 (3 Parallel Sessions)

Session 2a: Comparative Ageing

Chair: Des O’Neill; Discussant: Leeanne O’Hara

Jiatong Ling (QUB) – ‘Grandparent Involvement in Childcare: A Qualitative Study in Chinese Families’

Kiki Ekiawan Lamatungga (Technical University in Zvolen) – ‘Effect of the Restorative Natural Environment on HRV, HR, Stress, and Cognitive Function in Slovak Seniors’

Ione Avila-Palencia (QUB) –  ‘Mapping the Complex Systems that Connects the Urban Environment to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: A Group Model Building Study’.

Session 2b: Music, Film, Theatre and Literature

Chair: Leonie Hannan; Discussant: Angel Leira Pernas

Neasa Fitzpatrick (Mercy University Hospital Cork) – ”Spotlighting the Success of Older Female Directors: A Demonstration of the Creativity and Resilience of Old Age in the Face of Cultural Barriers’

Réka Polonyi and Kate Maguire-Rosier (Manchester) – ‘‘What’s Theatre Got to Do with It?’: The Care Aesthetics Research Exploration (CARE) Project and Its Interdisciplinary Challenges’

Xu, Yaqia (Warwick) – ‘Ageing Masculinity in American Novels since the 1970s’

Session 2c: Public Policy in Ageing Societies

Chair: Isaac Gibson; Discussant: Gemma Carney

Kaitlyn Juryung Cho (Oxford) – ‘The Global Paradigm Shift towards Active Ageing and Beyond: An Analysis of Policy Documents by International Organizations’.

Luis Soares (Edinburgh) – ‘Reframing Social Sciences Epistemologies and Methods Using a Framework to Dissolve “Wicked Problems”’

Lauren Fothergill (Lancaster) – ‘Exploring How Proactive Telecare Can Sup-port Independent Living in Older Adults: A Qualitative Study’

Chloe Waterman (KCL) – ‘A Socio-Legal Investigation into Making Plans for Dying, Perspectives of People with Dementia’

The full programme for the conference is here and the book of abstracts is here.

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