News from the [ Framing Ageing ] project.

One-day workshop for early career scholars

[ Framing Ageing ] Symposium, a one-day workshop for early career scholars, will take place in Queen’s University Belfast, Wednesday 14th December 2022. [ Framing Ageing ] is an international clinical, cultural and social dialogue which facilitates methodological exchange between geriatricians, gerontologists, humanities researchers, social scientists, and practitioners, who can benefit from transdisciplinary collaboration. Keynote …

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Closing Conference Podcasts

This final event in the ‘Framing Ageing’ project was a closed in-house event which took place on 2-3 December 2021. The papers were recorded and edited into podcasts that are now available on the Framing Ageing website and available on the UCD Humanities Institute podcast channels on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple.  The full programme for the conference …

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Video – Webinar 5

The fifth [ Framing Ageing ] webinar took place on 7 May 2021 and featured Panel 7: Practise II. Speakers included: Dana Walrath, Tara Byrne, Des O’Neill. Mary Cosgrove, Julia Twigg, Linda Shortt, Gillian Pye, and Anne Fuchs.

Video – Webinar 4

The fourth [ Framing Ageing ] webinar took place on 5 March 2021 and featured Panel 6: Practise 1. Speakers included: Hilary Moss, Tara Byrne, Katie Featherstone, Ulla Kriebernegg, Robert Zwijnenberg, Anne Fuchs, and Desmond J Tobin.

A video of the webinar is now available.

Video – Webinar 3

The third [ Framing Ageing ] webinar took place on 22 January 2021 and featured Panel 5: Methodologies, which was divided into two parts. Speakers included: Julia Langbein, Gemma Carney, Ulla Kriebernegg, Robert Zwijnenberg, Dana Walrath, Julia Pickard, and David G. Troyansky.

A video of the webinar, including the slides used by the speakers, is now available,

Video – Webinar 2

A video of the two panels from our second webinar is now publicly available. Webinar 2 featured Panel 3: Narrating Gender and Ageing and Panel 4: Memory and Experience.

Video – Webinar 1

A video of the first two panels from our first webinar is now publicly available. Workshop 1, originally planned for 27-28 October, was reconfigured into a series of webinars. Each webinar comprises of a number of panels from the original programme. Webinar 1 featured Panel 1: Ageing Bodies and Identities and Panel 2: Gender, Subjectivity and Agency.

Report on the Interdisciplinary Webinar: COVID-19 – Reframing Ageing

The organisers of Framing Ageing: Anne Fuchs (PI), Desmond O’Neill, Mary Cosgrove, Julia Langbein have compiled a comprehensive report on the recent interdisciplinary webinar – COVID-19 – Reframing Ageing – which took place on June 12 2020. Read it in full now.

Video: Covid-19 Webinar

What has the Covid-19 crisis revealed about ageing in contemporary culture? How have older age groups been represented during this crisis? Watch the video of our recent Webinar.