News from the [ Framing Ageing ] project.

Video: Julia Twigg on Covid-19, retirement, lockdown and time

Julia Twigg is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Kent and a participant in [ Framing Ageing ]. In this short video she talks about Covid-19, retirement, lockdown and her experience of time.

Combatting exclusions and ageism for older people during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic poses extraordinary risks to the health of older adults and, upon contraction, has immediate consequences for individual well-being and, potentially, for mortality outcomes according to Professor Kieran Walsh, Director of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology at NUI Galway.

Workshop 1 at UCD Humanities Institute

The first event of the project has been postponed due to coronavirus and will now take place in UCD on October 27-28 2020. Workshop 1 of [ Framing Ageing ] is a scoping workshop, reflecting the expertise of participants:

COVID-19 images by Dana Walrath

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic [ Framing Ageing ] project participant Dana Walrath has created these artworks.

British Society of Gerontology statement on COVID-19

The British Society of Gerontology (BSG) urges the UK Government to reject the formulation and implementation of policy based on the simple application of chronological age. Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and evidence of growing age divisions in society, BSG also calls on government and media organisations to be cautious in their use of language.