Video – Webinar 5

The fifth [ Framing Ageing ] webinar took place on 7 May 2021 and featured Panel 7: Practise II. Speakers included: Dana Walrath, Tara Byrne, Des O’Neill. Mary Cosgrove, Julia Twigg, Linda Shortt, Gillian Pye, and Anne Fuchs.

Video – Webinar 4

The fourth [ Framing Ageing ] webinar took place on 5 March 2021 and featured Panel 6: Practise 1. Speakers included: Hilary Moss, Tara Byrne, Katie Featherstone, Ulla Kriebernegg, Robert Zwijnenberg, Anne Fuchs, and Desmond J Tobin.

A video of the webinar is now available.

Video – Webinar 3

The third [ Framing Ageing ] webinar took place on 22 January 2021 and featured Panel 5: Methodologies, which was divided into two parts. Speakers included: Julia Langbein, Gemma Carney, Ulla Kriebernegg, Robert Zwijnenberg, Dana Walrath, Julia Pickard, and David G. Troyansky.

A video of the webinar, including the slides used by the speakers, is now available,

Video – Webinar 2

A video of the two panels from our second webinar is now publicly available. Webinar 2 featured Panel 3: Narrating Gender and Ageing and Panel 4: Memory and Experience.

Video – Webinar 1

A video of the first two panels from our first webinar is now publicly available. Workshop 1, originally planned for 27-28 October, was reconfigured into a series of webinars. Each webinar comprises of a number of panels from the original programme. Webinar 1 featured Panel 1: Ageing Bodies and Identities and Panel 2: Gender, Subjectivity and Agency.

Report on the Interdisciplinary Webinar: COVID-19 – Reframing Ageing

The organisers of Framing Ageing: Anne Fuchs (PI), Desmond O’Neill, Mary Cosgrove, Julia Langbein have compiled a comprehensive report on the recent interdisciplinary webinar – COVID-19 – Reframing Ageing – which took place on June 12 2020. Read it in full now.

Video: Covid-19 Webinar

What has the Covid-19 crisis revealed about ageing in contemporary culture? How have older age groups been represented during this crisis? Watch the video of our recent Webinar.

Video: Julia Twigg on Covid-19, retirement, lockdown and time

Julia Twigg is Emeritus Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Kent and a participant in [ Framing Ageing ]. In this short video she talks about Covid-19, retirement, lockdown and her experience of time.